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Middle School (6th-8th Grade) & High School (9th-12th Grade)
Sunday School

Sunday School runs from September-May, starting at 10:50 AM. Youth in grades 6-12 meet in the Common Ground.

Our main focus in Sunday School is understanding the Bible as one big story. This story comes to its climax in Jesus. We cover a variety of topics such as Biblical Themes, Book Studies, Old Testament, New Testament, and How to Read the Bible.

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Youth Group

At TCC, our youth ministry is built on a foundation of relationships. Students are met where they are in their walk inside and outside of church walls. It's this kind of approach which feeds into our weekly gatherings.

Youth Group meets on Sunday nights (September-May) from 6-7:30 PM in the Common Ground. The group starts together for announcements and games, then splits into Middle and High School for Small Groups. We cover a variety of topics and practices aimed at answering the following questions: Who am I? What does it mean to follow Jesus? What is the church? How do I practice spiritual disciplines? What do I believe?

Youth Group is a safe place to address doubts and questions about life and faith. Meanwhile, it is a place to explore being a follower of Jesus in a personal context where everyone knows you. 

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Service, Retreats, and Summer Trips

Middle & high school students can participate in service projects as well as yearly retreats.

High Schoolers (incoming freshmen-outgoing seniors) have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Summer Trips. There is a cycle between 4 different trips: a National Mission Trip, an Adventure Trip, an International Mission Trip, and an Intergenerational Local Mission Trip. 

Previous trips have taken the group to Colorado, New York, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Georgia, New Mexico, and even across our borders to Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica. 

The Summer 2023 Mission Trip will be International! If you're interested in participating, please get in contact with Director of Youth Ministry, Jesse Zandee. 


Envelope Fundraiser

Our youth are headed to Puerto Rico! In June 2023, a group of high schoolers and leaders will participate in a mission trip through Team Effort. Hurricane season has not been good to the people of Ponce, Puerto Rico. The team will participate in construction and painting projects to help rebuild after hurricane disasters. 

You may be asking yourself, "what is an envelope fundraiser?" Click below for more information on how you can support the mission trip team!

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What's an envelope fundraiser?

An envelope fundraiser is quite simple! We put them up, you help us take them down. There are 100 envelopes numbered 1-100, and 5 mystery envelopes, labeled with a ?. The number on the envelope corresponds to the dollar amount you put in the envelope. If you want to give more than a number listed, you can take a ? and put in any amount higher that $100. When you select an envelope, you take it down off the board, fill out the slip of paper on the inside, then return the sealed envelope with the cash or check to the drop box. The slip of paper you fill out will go in a separate box. If all the numbered envelopes are filled, we raise $5,050! Our fundraiser board is set up in the narthex.


Still confused? Talk to Jesse Zandee!

Fall Program

Download our fall calendar to stay caught up on our gatherings!

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For more information, please contact Director of Youth Ministry, Jesse Zandee.