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Our Mission

➤ Living and Teaching Transformational Faith in Christ

Our Vision

➤We desire to be attentive to the Holy Spirit's leading, to be a refuge in our community and to be intergenerational in the way we live and teach our faith.  With these desires in mind, we anticipate:

​➤In the next three years, developing 100 new relationships with a focus on ​mentoring and discipleship.

​➤During the next three years, developing 10 new touch points within the ​​​community that draw us into new relationships.

​➤That each TCC congregant will be able to describe three experiences of ​personal transformation in the next 18 months.

➤The Consistory of Thornapple Church is currently working on the Vision Path. Congregational input will be gathered in Fall 2015. This works comes out of the Ridder Church Renewal efforts over the past 5 years.


*  Mission is “our why,” the reason for existence, a testament written in language unique to our church though readily available to be embraced by all churches.

​** Vision is a statement that describes how we will live out our Mission over the next 3-5 years. ​It precedes work on Vision Path, concrete steps we plan to take in the next 12-18 months.